Virtualization and Hypervisor Types



What is Virtualization

Virtualization is a method that provides simulation running on hardware for applications, services, and systems without any physical hardware. There are most known virtualization softwares:

  • Virtualbox
  • VMware
  • Windows Hyper-V
  • Linux KVM


      Virtualization Techniques – Hypervisor Types

      There are two virtualization techniques:

      • Type 1 Hypervisor – No Host OS
      • Type 2 Hypervisor – With Host OS


      Type 1 Hypervisors, don’t need a guest host to provide virtualization for systems. They run under the hardware. They don’t need any operating system to run.
      There are some most known Type 1 hypervisors:

      • KVM
      • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
      • Xen / Citrix XenServer
      • Windows Hyper-V
      • VMware vSphere / ESXi

      Type 2 hypervisors need an operating system to run. They cannot reach directly to the hardware. They use the operating system’s features for virtualization. There are some most known Type 2 hypervisors:

      • VMware Workstation/Fusion/Player
      • VMware Server
      • Microsoft Virtual PC
      • Oracle VM VirtualBox

      (Also Docker runs on the operating system)

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